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TVC Pro Driver, Inc. has been helping drivers for over 30 years.  We pride ourselves in giving the best service with local CDL expert attorneys throughout the US and Canada.  Whether it is a current ticket, a previous ticket, a moving or non-moving violation, an accident or a personal matter, we have the experience to get the job done right!

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Our specialty is protecting commercial drivers and fighting for your right to drive!! 

We have a network of expert CDL lawyers with a proven success rate for keeping points off your record by representing YOU in court.

We Are THE Truckers Voice In Court!

So, before you take another load, let TVC Pro Driver run along with you, knowing you have the BEST CDL protection plan at your fingertips! 

Have the peace of mind to know that our complete protection plan covers you in any vehicle your drive, both personal and professional, to keep you driving! 

Whether it is MVR points or CSA points, TVC Pro Driver will fight to keep all parts of your livelihood clean and protect your paycheck!

DOT Inspection Violations can affect your CSA score and hurt your career as much as points on your MVR!  

No matter if it's a moving, non-moving violation, an accident or DOT violations, we are here when you need us. All day, everyday!

Before you pay another ticket have TVC Pro Driver assign you a local CDL expert attorney to fight the ticket BEFORE it affects your driving career



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